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  • Presentation Skills (South Africa)

    Who should attend? Anybody, who wants to be an exceptional presenter, from experienced sales personnel, marketing managers and CEO’s. Course objectives oEnhance your existing presentation skills oWork on thinking on your feet oUse of humour oManaging fear oBreathing techniques (optional) oVoice projection oUse of your voice (optional) oPositive performances every time oOvercoming awkward moments o“never dry up” oUse, don’t abuse technology Email Tsakisi
  • Presentation Skills by Outlearning (South Africa)

    This programme aims to develop the presenter in the workplace and focuses on the 5 P's for successful presentations: Prepare - what to do up front Plan - construct and structure a presentation Practise - techniques to improve your delivery Present - deliver a flawless presentation Perfect - evaluate your presentation Typically a two-day course, however we can adapt the course in line with your business requirements. Our services include: Outsourcing of your training function, Project Management of Learning and Development initiatives and Facilitation of other training programmes.Email Jen Wilson
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