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  • Business Etiquette by Outlearning (South Africa)

    This course addresses the following broad outcomes through the facilitation of nine different modules: Differentiate between professional and unprofessional business behaviour Define and display a good corporate and personal image Display courtesy in a number of different situations and with different cultures Communicate professionally in the business environment, whether face-to-face, in writing or electronically. This programme is aimed at junior or emerging managers and general staff. Our services include: Outsourcing of your training function, Project Management of Learning and Development Initiatives and Facilitation of Training Programmes.Email Jen Wilson
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace (South Africa)

    Participants will: ·Display higher emotional intelligence and experience the positive impact on their lives; ·Introspect and buy into the need to change the way they communicate and interact with others; ·Understand their own and others’ behaviour better; ·Identify and control ‘buttons’; ·Understand the characteristics of effective and poor communication; Email Cheryl Oliver
  • Xtreme Learning Academy (South Africa)

    The four main domains of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management. Each of these domains builds on a critical set of skills that is required for effective leadership such as self control, adaptability, initiative, organisational awareness, empathy, influence, initiative and developing others. Xtreme Learning Academy was founded in 2007 by Karen Kelly who is an Accredited EQ Trainer and Qualified Life Coach. Xtreme Learning Academy offers a total business and personal development solution on an ongoing basis. Email Karen Kelly
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