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  • Business Etiquette by Outlearning (South Africa)

    This course addresses the following broad outcomes through the facilitation of nine different modules: Differentiate between professional and unprofessional business behaviour Define and display a good corporate and personal image Display courtesy in a number of different situations and with different cultures Communicate professionally in the business environment, whether face-to-face, in writing or electronically. This programme is aimed at junior or emerging managers and general staff. Our services include: Outsourcing of your training function, Project Management of Learning and Development Initiatives and Facilitation of Training Programmes.Email Jen Wilson
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace (South Africa)

    Participants will: ·Display higher emotional intelligence and experience the positive impact on their lives; ·Introspect and buy into the need to change the way they communicate and interact with others; ·Understand their own and others’ behaviour better; ·Identify and control ‘buttons’; ·Understand the characteristics of effective and poor communication; Email Cheryl Oliver
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