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  • Interpersonal Skills
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Find a range of courses aimed at developing soft skills, personal development and personal growth.

  • Business Etiquette by Outlearning (South Africa)

    This course addresses the following broad outcomes through the facilitation of nine different modules: Differentiate between professional and unprofessional business behaviour Define and display a good corporate and personal image Display courtesy in a number of different situations and with different cultures Communicate professionally in the business environment, whether face-to-face, in writing or electronically. This programme is aimed at junior or emerging managers and general staff. Our services include: Outsourcing of your training function, Project Management of Learning and Development Initiatives and Facilitation of Training Programmes.Email Jen Wilson
  • Communication & Presentation Skills (South Africa)

    Can a 2 Day Communication and Presentation Skills programme really equip an individual to significantly improve his knowledge, belief, skills, responses and confidence? What if we designed a programme that: 1.Raised incredible self awareness about you; 2.Revealed your strengths and areas for improvements objectively; 3.Introduced the subject of communication in a theoretical, lively and practical manner 4.Helped you think on your feet; 5.Made you realise that your character is more important than any of the skills you worry so much about; and that the latter can be developed with belief and persistence 6.Culminated in you walking away ready to bring about increased performance in your job, relationships and personal goals? Email Sibusiso Mathe
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace (South Africa)

    Participants will: ·Display higher emotional intelligence and experience the positive impact on their lives; ·Introspect and buy into the need to change the way they communicate and interact with others; ·Understand their own and others’ behaviour better; ·Identify and control ‘buttons’; ·Understand the characteristics of effective and poor communication; Email Cheryl Oliver
  • Learn Mandarin Chinese now (South Africa)

    Working or partnering with Chinese companies? Or is your company planning to setup a factory in China (also known as World Factory now) Well... Learn Mandarin Chinese! Phonetics, grammar and much more! Choose from the courses that suits your needs: Every-day Chinese Business Chinese Speedy Every-day Taught by a certified and experience teacher! Perfect for Companies who wish or already are dealing business with China and individuals who want to learn for personal development! Call out can be arranged if a number of people need to be taught (10 or more) For more info email me on or call me on 0724005718 Rates are from R90 per hour and up. Only in JHB or nearby areas. Contact me for more info! Regards, Woody Email Woody Chen
  • Presentation Skills (South Africa)

    Who should attend? Anybody, who wants to be an exceptional presenter, from experienced sales personnel, marketing managers and CEO’s. Course objectives oEnhance your existing presentation skills oWork on thinking on your feet oUse of humour oManaging fear oBreathing techniques (optional) oVoice projection oUse of your voice (optional) oPositive performances every time oOvercoming awkward moments o“never dry up” oUse, don’t abuse technology Email Tsakisi
  • Presentation Skills by Outlearning (South Africa)

    This programme aims to develop the presenter in the workplace and focuses on the 5 P's for successful presentations: Prepare - what to do up front Plan - construct and structure a presentation Practise - techniques to improve your delivery Present - deliver a flawless presentation Perfect - evaluate your presentation Typically a two-day course, however we can adapt the course in line with your business requirements. Our services include: Outsourcing of your training function, Project Management of Learning and Development initiatives and Facilitation of other training programmes.Email Jen Wilson
  • Professionalism in the Workplace (South Africa)

    Working At Life offers Professionalism in the Workplace. Improved professionalism will not only ensure individual growth and development, but this new behaviour will create more co-operation and respect; improved communication and higher performance in teams as well - and this in turn will uplift the entire organisation through fundamental change in its culture - which involves shared assumptions, beliefs, values and norms, behaviour and communication patterns. Email Cheryl Oliver
  • Relationship Management (South Africa)

    Working At Life offers a course on Relationship Management. Building relationships takes time and effort but it is extremely rewarding. You have to be prepared to commit yourself and expect not to always get what you want. Building bridges is one of the most fundamental and crucial of all strategies when climbing the corporate ladder. Successful people make it their business to build relationships and to heal broken ones.Email Cheryl Oliver
  • SGA Consulting (RSA)

    This is a dynamic course on how to use information management and managerial statistics to save time in organisations. Presented by the dynamic and experienced facilitator - Siphiwe Moyo - it is sure to blow your mind.Email Siphiwe Moyo
  • Stress Management (South Africa)

    SYNERGISTIC OUTCOMES presents a 2 Day holistic personal and professional development programme that includes cutting edge insights into the causes and symptoms of stress as well as passive and active practices that manage stress. Learn about yourself, your behavioural tendencies, your responses to people and relationships, finding meaning in challenges and trials, confronting fears and “should do’s”, using your mind and thoughts powerfully, getting out the comfort zone, practising coping skills through breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques Email Sibusiso Mathe
  • Time Management (Time is Money) (South Africa)

    Who should attend? All sales personnel and business managers who have face to face contact with customers. We all know the pareto rule 80% customers make up 20% business? But what do we do about it and how do we implement it across the sales force? Course Objectives oSell more profitably! oHow do individuals spend their time? (involves Pre work assessment on use of current resources, to be completed at least 4 weeks ahead of the course). oUnderstand the difference between efficient and effective oIdentify real costs of selling or not selling? oProven territory planning techniques oCustomer profiling and preparing a strategy for best use of time oRecording and analysis of calls Email Tsakisi
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