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  • HR and Training Skills
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  • Coaches Training (South Africa)

    We offer Coaches Training (COMENSA) for individuals and for organisations. Training is experiential. Coaches have an opportunity to coach and to be coached. They will write their own coaching plan with real goals. This method of training is highly effective because it creates paradigm shifts and lasting motivation.Email Cheryl Oliver
  • Combat workplace Fatique

    CAN YOUR ORGANISATION IGNORE THE CONSEQUENCES OF FATIGUE IN THE WORKPLACE? Consider the impact of: Delayed reaction times; a pilot does not immediately respond to a hazard during take off Reduced awareness; a factory worker fails to pick up a process problem Impaired eye-hand coordination; a fitter putting together a critical component misjudges its assembly Reduced ability for complex decision making; an air traffic controller finds it difficult to sequence aircraft landings Decreased ability to communicate clearly; an emergency doctor provides confusing instructions to medical staff Poor team dynamics; increased irritability causes friction between staff members resulting in decreased productivity and low morale The risk of dozing off; a machine operator falls asleep for a micro second while operating heavy machinery Email Hennie Oosthuizen
  • Dynacare - Quality First Aid Training (South Africa)

    Isn’t it strange how we always think about learning first aid after something has gone wrong, when it is already too late. Take a little time out of your busy schedule to learn a skill that may save someone’s life, it may even be a close friend or relative that needs it one day.” Dynacare’s first aid training will give you the knowledge, skill and confidence you will need to act in an emergency situation. We offer quality first aid training and sales approved by the department of labour. Please visit our website for fantastic offers and specials.Email Rodger Hollins
  • First Aid training in Johannesburg (South Africa)

    The Experts in First Aid Training Whether its the Department of Labour accredited Level 1 course for your business's health act requirements, the Basic first aid, CPR and choking course for your family, or the BLS for HCP course for nurses and doctors; Pulse Point offers a comprehensive choice of courses to suit your needs. In addition we'll teach you wherever and whenever you want, and make additions to courses to suit your specific needs. Email Pulse Point
  • first aid | firefighting | health and safety (South Africa)

    Action Training enthusiastically presents courses supplemented with practical experience and current trends in emergency first aid, firefighting, health & safety services.Email Alastair Farish
  • The Skills Portal (South Africa)

    More than 350 training providers and more than 3000 training courses listed on South Africa's most popular HR and training web portal. The latest news and information on skills development, employment equity, human resource managment, training, Setas, FET Colleges and Business Schools. Alan Hammond
  • Train the Trainer by Outlearning (South Africa)

    This programme aims to develop the trainer in the workplace and focuses on the following areas: Planning and preparing for facilitation Facilitating learning Evaluating learning Delegates will use this programme to supplement future ETD qualifications at certificate, diploma or degree level. NQF level 5 / 10 credits. Our services include: Outsourcing of your training function, Project Management of Learning and Development Iniatives and Facilitation of other Training Programmes.Email Jen Wilson
  • Training - Health DVD (South Africa)

    The Ideal way to teach everybody in your organisation about HIV, AIDS, ARVs, STIs, TB & more...Email Leon van der Merwe
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