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  • All Web Development courses from Netcampus (South Africa)

    Netcampus is an international provider of IT training, Business Skills, Vocational and ICT training and certification courses. These include all the latest certifications and training courses from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Sun and Adobe. We offer: Visual Studio, .NET, ASP, MCTS, MCPD.Email Martin Louw
  • Working Webs Web Development Course (South Africa)

    Description: The course covers vital, basic information that every web designer/developer needs. Without such knowledge, many people will find it hard to do their job properly and may take a long time to find out this information for themselves. In addition, a thorough grounding of HTML is given. No matter what development tool you use, a designer/developer cannot be effective without a thorough knowledge of HTML. There are always occasions when a developer must delve into the HTML and all good development tools provide a means to do that. Part of the course includes valuable design tips that only people experienced in, and who regularly work in this field, will know. Overview: Entry-level course to start the student onto the road of web site development. This course teaches the student all the basics, such as HTML, web server essentials, protocols and other important things a web developer needs to know. The course includes invaluable tips for designing effective web sites. Email Natasha Lindsay
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