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    Every business needs to keep accurate financial records. It can be required of a Secretary to do or help with the finances of a business. You will add so much more value to your skills by knowing how to do financial record keeping. On completion of this course, the learner will be capable of starting off a set of books for a small to medium sized business, enter all the transactions in the various books of first entry, post the entries to the general ledger, balance accounts at month-end or year-end, and draw up a Trial Balance.Email Institute of Secretarial Studies
  • Developing your Management Potential (South Africa)

    Making the transition from worker to manager. Understanding the responsibility and possible consequences Understanding your own role in the organisation Understanding your management style – strengths and weaknesses Is your approach holistic or cellular? Setting clear goals for your department Verbalising and quantifying Setting standards for your department, communication Delegating and empowering Communication and staff development, Making time for employees. How to get the best out of your employees Recognising employee achievements. Failing to learn Autocratic vs Collaborative Resisting change Short medium and long term goal setting Empowering your staff to become leaders Arbitration and mediation Aim: To educate supervisors, junior and middle management on the basic requirements of good management Email Debbie Engelbrecht
  • Junior Secretarial (South Africa)

    Aim: To assist secretaries, receptionists and office administrators in reaching goals and setting of high standards in the smooth operation of the company and management team Email Debbie Engelbrecht
  • Junior Secretarial / Office Admin (South Africa)

    Skills, qualities and attributes required for success Identifying and classifying your customers (internal and external) Developing your role and contribution to the organisation - working to clear goals and objectives Identifying urgent versus important tasks and realistic deadlines Dealing with disorganised people Assertive communication - saying 'no' and still being effective The key to effective written communication Practical advice on lists and organisation Effective minute taking Keeping an effective diary Maintaining professionalism and etiquette Aim: To assist secretaries, receptionists and office administrators in reaching goals and setting of high standards in the smooth operation of the company and management teamEmail Trish
  • Professional Office Administration Skills Course (RSA)

    Back by popular demand, RM Training Solutions to is glad to host THE Office Admin Skills course & Optimising your Meeting Management in Organisation. To Register for this practical training course and gain the following key skills: A. Learn how to effectively prepare for meetings with a faultfree meeting checklist B. Adopt tools to manage a meeting with confidence by understanding your duties and responsibilities as a secretary/PA C. Get up-to-the-minute hints and tips on the correct pre- and post meeting protocols D. Follow proven rules on formatting, design and style to ensure that your minutes are properly drafted E. Incorporate essential elements into your minutes such as phrases, clauses, action points and attendance lists F. Master effective methods of shortening your writing and maximise your retention of information G. Learn techniques to keep your minutes correct, consistent and appealing. Manage yourself for success Get more work done in less time (ROI) Search for all kinds of information faster than others on the internet Work with different managers with different management styles, ease and grace Communicate with your boss and senior managers easily in a demanding environment. Ensure effective service delivery in organisation Please email our production team or call Mfundo on 0861 113 153. Email RM Training Solutions
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